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The future of Africa is in our hands. It is time to own our narrative.

About Humans of Africa

Humans of Africa is a vibrant storytelling series that honours the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people across  Africa through the lens of their journeys, struggles, achievements, circumstances, and endurance. Across the world, stories about Africa are often those of despair, corruption, hopelessness, disease and poverty. Whereas we don’t want to gloss over the problems, we believe that it is time to shift and diversify that narrative. We need to take back and own our storytelling, inspire each other to do even better and share stories that change the perception of Africa.

Across the continent, men and women from all walks of life have dedicated their lives to making our continent a better place to live. Men and women who have stepped out of their comfort zone to chase their dreams and passions in order to change the lives of many across Africa. These are the stories we hope to tell. Stories of perseverance, of passion, of triumph, of hard work and most of all of hope. Each of these individuals are making their mark in their own special way and setting the world on fire with their ideas. We hope to do justice to those whose stories we tell and by so doing inspire even more people across the continent to step out boldly and be part of the change that Africa needs.

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