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Welcome, I am Angela Noi, your podcast host

Proud East African, trained in broadcast production and always on the look-out for an eye-opening and inspiring conversation with fellow Africans. 

Podcast series - Humans of Africa Talks

During Humans of Africa Talks we go on a journey to redefine the African narrative. I bring experts and storytellers from different corners of the continent together as we dive deeper into their experiences.  Together we connect, we heal, we learn and we empower.

Latest episode

Humans of Africa Talks  /  14 July 2021

Episode 1: The African narrative, what's wrong?

In the first episode, I speak to Martin, a renowned communications professional, and Elsie, our lead editor. Together we break down the problem with the African narrative and how we as Africans can take back ownership of our continent’s story, or better.. stories. It is time to turn the tables.

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